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Kumari – the living goddess of Nepal is believed to be the incarnation of goddess Taleju and regarded as manifestations of the divine female energy in Hindu religion. The word kumari originates from the Sanskrit word “Kaumarya” which means “virgin” referring to the culture of worshiping the virgins.

                Kumari is worshiped occasionally like Navaratri or Durga Puja or Indrajatra. She is worshiped until she suffers some kind of injury, illness or until her first periods. The tradition of worshiping started during the regime of Jaya Prakash Malla who advised his men to construct Kumari house which is located in the Basantapur area. It is a storehouse of magnificent carvings where Kumari performs her daily rituals. But the kumari’s time interval of staying in the Kumari house ends with her first menstruation. The tradition preserved by the Newar community still reflects the culture and history of Nepal and Newars.

Some interesting facts about Kumari:

  • Kumari’s horoscope should match with the horoscope of the king.
  • The physical requirements are black eyes, hair, and eyelashes like a cow.
  • Must meet all 32 human qualities
  • Some other requirements are twenty unbroken teeth and body like a banyan tree.
  • Girl should be a virgin without any defects.

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