Canyoning is an outdoor sport that is performed in canyons using a variety of techniques with the help of ropes such as walking, climbing, jumping, scrambling, rappelling, and swimming. The activity is done through abseils (rappels) with a technical climbing and technical jump with spectacular waterfalls. Descending mountain canyons with flowing water would be thrilling, exciting, and adventurous sport which is also popular in Nepal. Nepal is known to be second richest water resource country in world hence, it’s the best place to perform canyoning in Nepal. Going down vertical cliff with water splashing would be memories to cherish for lifetime.

Option 1.
Canyoning at Sundarijal :
Sundarijal is located at 15 km North West of Kathmandu valley with it’s beautiful greenery forest and white waterfalls. The canyoying spot is about 30-45 minutes uphill from Sundarijal Bus Park. Sundarijal is one of the close canyoying spot from Kathmandu and time consuming spot comparing to others canyoying spot.

Suggested Itinerary :
After having breakfast we’ll take a drive for about 45 minutes towards Sundarijal village. Our vehicle will stop at Sundarijal Bus Park.
We’ll walk for about 30-45 minutes uphill to canyoying spot.
We’ll be given information and instruction about canyoying and have exciting canyoying .
After lunch, we’ll come back to Kathmandu.

Option 2.
Canyoning at Bhotekoshi :
Bhotekoshi river is the part of Koshi river system which is located at about 100 km from Kathmandu. The river is not only popular in rafting and bungy jump but also popular for canyoneering. The canyoying spot at Bhotekoshi is not so far, few hour drive (around 3 hours) drive from Kathmandu can reach Bhotekoshi and it’s close to the Tibet.

Suggested Itinerary :
After having breakfast we’ll take a drive for about 3 hours towards Bhotekoshi.
We’ll walk for a little while uphill until reaches at canyoying spot.
We’ll be given information and instruction about canyoying and have an exciting canyoying.
After lunch, we’ll come back to Kathmandu.

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The Company is not to be held responsible for your early termination of a trek should our experienced leader feels it is unsafe for you to continue due to fitness and/or health issues
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If you wish to cancel your trip for any reason the following scale of charges will apply:
Date of Cancellation Charge Incurred

2 months before departure Loss of deposit (40% of Total Trip Cost TTC)
29 days to 2 months before departure 50% of TTC.
10 to 28 days before departure 70% of TTC.
Less than 10 days before departure 100% of TTC.

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    Everything was perfect – Chitwan, ABC Trek, Pokhara and Kathmandu was diverse experiences -very interesting. Everybody (Guide, porter , Sangita) was very careful about us. Very great Trip. Perfectly planned by Sangita 🙂

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